Welcome to Family Fun Faith
June 29, 2023

Hi, my name is Ken, thank you for taking the time to see what my site has to offer you. Family has always been extremely important to me; I am the oldest of 7 children, I have been married for 54 years to my wife Lana, I have 2 children, 6 grandkids and 2 great grandkids. My parents have been married for 75 years, and there are 102 in our family including siblings and spouses, aunts & uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. So as you can guess, I am very committed to doing anything I can to contribute to helping build strong families. I started this business to share my passions with all of you and give some tips on Family relationships, Family activities, health and family motivation. I believe strong families are the core of our society, and our faith is the center of our family. As you can see from my site, it is all about Families having Fun, staying healthy, and growing in their faith. Here I will be sharing some tips on how to build relationships, have fun, and stay healthy. I will be sharing ideas for fun family activities, healthy foods and snacks, fitness and other tips that have helped our family enjoy life and grow closer together.