Things to Remember Before Leaving on Vacation
March 3, 2023

Time is of the essence when it comes to prepping for a vacation. There are many things to remember before leaving, and if left undone, can lead to stress and a less enjoyable time away from home. While everyone’s perfect vacation will have its unique needs, there are certain things everyone should remember before taking off.

The first and most important is to create a packing list. A great way to do this is to use a checklist written out ahead of time, or an online list maker (like Checklist, Google Tasks, etc). Have a specific place to store the list, and check items off as they’re packed. This can help you keep track of everything you need and make sure you don’t forget crucial items.

Essential travel documents should also not be forgotten. Depending on your destination, you may need a passport and/or visa. Make sure you also have written records of plane tickets, rental cars, and other reservations that have been made in advance. Additionally, have copies of any applicable medication, business and personal documents, and driver’s license. Store these in a safe, easily accessible space.

It’s also important to inform people of your vacation. Inform a trusted friend or neighbor of your whereabouts and duration of the trip, and give them contact numbers if there is ever an emergency at your home. If needed, inform the local police station of your absence and make sure that your homeowners’ insurance is up-to-date.

If your home will be vacant for a longer period of time, you may want to consider suspending mail and newspaper delivery, having the lawn mowed, and having the lights left on timers so that they periodically turn on and off.

It’s important to look into the place you’re traveling to before you go. Not only are there laws, customs, and language differences to consider, but there may be regional warnings to be aware of – like infections, typhoons, etc. Additionally, look up health requirements, immunization records, and currency exchange prior to your trip.

Finally, throughout the planning and the actual vacation, remain flexible. Roadblocks and obstacles are bound to come your way, and having the mental flexibility to face those head on can help make your vacation much smoother and more enjoyable.

Overall, proper planning when taking a vacation is essential. Taking the time to remember what to pack and the phone numbers of your contacts is key. But, most of all, having a flexible mindset and understanding the culture of your travel destination is what will make your trip one to remember. Considering all of the above things to remember before leaving on vacation will ensure that you can pack up, take off and make unforgettable memories.