Understanding Your Partner’s Love Language
March 3, 2023

Knowing your partner’s love language is incredibly important in any romantic relationship as it helps to foster trust, understanding and communication between the two partners. Love languages are different ways of showing your partner love and affection and can be broadly classified into five types: Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch and Gifts. Taking time to understand what type of love language your partner speaks is key in maintaining a successful and healthy relationship in which both parties feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Learning what type of love language your partner speaks is half the battle, yet once you do it’s much easier to understand how your partner wants to be shown love and care. Quality Time is the expression of being present and fully engaged with one another- such as actively listening without interrupting, having meaningful conversations and taking part in activities that you both enjoy. Through Quality Time both partners make efforts to reconnect, listen and understand their partner resulting in deeper intimacy and understanding between the two.


Acts of Service is communicating your love through service and is expressed by doing tasks for your partner such as household chores, helping with errands and offering emotional support. For example, when you create a home cooked meal for your partner or clean up after an event, your partner understands that you recognize the effort they put in and you want to make their lives a little bit easier.

Words of Affirmation is often a powerful way to show your partner you love them. It is a type of love language expressed through expressed through words of recognition in forms of compliments, gratitude and kind remarks. Whether it’s a simple “I appreciate you” or a heartfelt “I found this gift thinking of you”, saying words of affirmation to your partner shows them that you are grateful for them, proud of them and always have their back.

Physical Touch is often a language we tend to forget about yet can be as meaningful and still as communicated as any of the other love languages. Physical Touch includes any type of physical contact from cuddling and holding hands to kissing and back massages. This type of love language creates feelings of comfort, safety and emotional connection, which can strengthen the relationship between both partners and can create a deeper emotional bond with each other.

Finally, Gifts are an important way of showing your spouse that you care about them. Gifts can be small, inexpensive items, but their value lies in their symbolism and the message behind them. Gifts can be used to express gratitude and appreciation, communicate a sentiment of love or simply show that you have been thinking about them, which can have a great impact.

Overall, it is important to learn your partner’s love language as it can help to build, strengthen and enhance your relationship. Through understanding what your partner’s love language is, you can better express and communicate your love and affection to them, resulting in a meaningful, healthy and long-term relationship.