October 12, 2022

Family movie night is a cherished tradition in many households. It’s a time for the family to gather around the television and enjoy a film together. But with so many options available, it can be hard to decide on the perfect movie. Whatever your family’s taste, there’s sure to be a great movie out there that everyone will enjoy.

Here are a few of our top picks for the best family movies to stream on movie night:


The Lion King

This classic animated film from Disney is sure to please every member of the family. Featuring an all-star voice cast, The Lion King tells the story of young Simba as he takes his place as the rightful king of the Pride Lands.

Toy Story 4

The fourth installment in the beloved Toy Story franchise is a must-watch for families. In this film, Woody and the gang go on a road trip with the new toy Forky and meet a host of colorful characters along the way.

The Incredibles 2

This long-awaited sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles picks up where the first film left off, with Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and their superpowered children taking on a new villain. With its mix of action, humor, and heart, The Incredibles 2 is sure to be a hit with the whole family.


This beautiful Pixar film tells the amazing story of Miguel, a young boy dreaming of becoming a musician despite the hate and objections from his family. When he finds himself in the Land of the Dead, Miguel embarks on an extraordinary journey to discover the true meaning of family.

Queen of Katwe

This inspiring true story follows the journey of a young girl named Phiona Mutesi from the slums of Uganda to become a world-champion chess player. Queen of Katwe is an uplifting film the whole family will enjoy.

The Mitchells Vs. the Machines

In this hilarious animated film from Sony, the Mitchell family goes on a road trip and accidentally brings along their new robot friends. When the robots start to take over the world, it’s up to the Mitchells to save the day.

Home Alone

No list of family movies would be complete without Home Alone, the classic comedy about an eight-year-old boy who accidentally gets left behind when his family goes on vacation. With its mix of humor and heart, Home Alone is a timeless film the whole family will love.

The Princes and the Frog

This charming Disney film tells the story of Tiana, a young woman who dreams of starting her own restaurant. When she kisses a frog prince, she is transformed into a frog herself and must journey through the Louisiana bayou to find a way back to human form.


This fun and magical Disney film tell the story of a family of seven kids who all have unique powers. When their parents mysteriously disappear, the siblings must use their powers to find them.