December 16, 2022

When it comes to preparing for the holiday season, certain things are simply more vital than others. You’ll always value having these Christmas staples on hand during this season. Come Christmas Day, do you often find yourself lacking a few essentials that would have greatly facilitated or improved your life? This list will be helpful to you in that situation! We have compiled this list of holiday “must-haves.” While some are things you should get and others are merely things to consider, having them in your home should make Christmas much less stressful overall. Starting now, shall we?


Imagine the setting. The children receive a rare toy that has been teased at for months. You neglected to pack the batteries, and it needs batteries. It looks like a bad Christmas Day is ahead. Batteries are at the top of the list for us since they are simple to overlook yet essential to stock up on. I don’t actually know many homes who haven’t experienced a battery shortage just when they’re required. Stock up right away to avoid running out!

Disposable Baking trays

Our annual Christmas treat to ourselves! We should venture outside more (I know, I know: o))
Without a doubt, disposable baking trays make it easier to prepare Christmas dinner because there is no need to moisten the trays or clean up afterward. Perfect!
TIP – For the ultimate in simple cleanup, consider using plastic plates, cups, and cutlery while hosting parties.

Emergency Food

Even if you had planned every meal during Christmas, what if someone showed up unexpectedly or you found yourself having to host something? If something like this occurs, having an additional dinner in the freezer will be a lifesaver. Pick a dish that can be prepared from frozen and only requires a few “additional” ingredients to produce a full meal. Some of the favorites foods like pizza, cottage pie with frozen peas, lasagne and garlic bread, all of which would be well received by guests but are also really simple to prepare at the drop of a hat.

Last-minute Christmas presents

You would be wise to have a few extra presents wrapped and prepared to hand away should someone drop by who wasn’t on your list, along with food for unforeseen visitors and events. If they bring you something, you won’t have to worry about seeming foolish!
Choose a few presents that would be simple to offer to recipients. Good choices include: – Vouchers Candles
Token for a notebook or diary (for kids – as this will cover all ages)
Yes, you might not use them, but you’ll be glad you were ready if something unforeseen happens! Additionally, you may always utilize them yourself or give them away as gifts if you don’t need them.

Enough Room for Storage

Whether you need to have extra space in your freezer, fridge, and cabinets for food storage or whether you need somewhere to put those decorations. During this time of year, EVERY HOUSE NEEDS A LOT OF STORAGE SPACE.
Here are some strategies for getting that crucial storage space:


To make place for the Christmas food once you need to buy it, start eating ahead of time from your freezer. When you return from the grocery shop, you don’t want to deal with the additional effort of figuring out where to store everything.


For your Christmas decorations, look for specific containers, and be careful to only save the items you actually use. It’s all too simple to save a lot of items you’ve already used, and you risk becoming oblivious to them every year. All of this extra stuff rapidly adds up.


Another thing that is frequently overlooked until January rolls around and the house starts to seem cluttered It’s important to declutter before Christmas to make space for all of the new stuff you receive throughout the holiday season.

A budget

Money is a major source of stress at this time of year. Set a spending limit for everything (including food, décor, hosting, entertainment, gifts, etc.) and HELP YOURSELF TO STAY WITH IT. Yes, you might have to make some concessions, but most likely they won’t be noticed, and you’ll save yourself a ton of money come January.

Pre-made meals

Cooking for a large group of people during the holidays can be stressful. What better method to relieve tension than a little pre-prepared food? You also want to spend more time with your visitors or family and less time cooking. For our Christmas dinner, I love to get some pre-prepared vegetables because they can typically be quickly heated in the microwave in the bag, eliminating the need for a pot and stovetop space. I also receive a pre-stuffed chicken crown that just has to be popped into the oven. Additionally, I have acquaintances who swear by pre-prepared food and have previously purchased it for the entire Christmas dinner. Whatever level you select, having at least some of your food cooked in advance will be like having a helping hand for the holidays, which is a gift in and of itself!

A Place To Hide Presents

You must have a strategy for where you will store your presents if you don’t want your children or your partner (!) to discover them this year. Think of a place where they won’t go and aren’t likely to look, and you’ll be good to go!
Some places I like to use are under my bed (storage beds are the best because they can’t be opened easily by small children), in the garage, in the loft (my husband stores things up there, but he knows I will never go there! ), or even in friends’ or families’ close-by homes (perfect for bulky gifts). TIP – Additionally, wrap gifts as you purchase them so that even if they are discovered, people won’t know what they are.


It’s all too easy to forget about this one, but if you don’t give yourself (and others) time around the holidays, you’ll all become stressed out, which could have been prevented. Use a monthly calendar to include your activities and the associated times; this will enable you to determine whether you are overcommitting.

Use a Christmas meal planner to estimate when you need to get things done and when you will be eating on Christmas Day.
Plan to have some downtime as well, both with your family and, if possible, by yourself (an hour in a quiet place with a magazine works wonders!).

You now have all the components necessary to experience a stress-free Christmas! Offer yourself a break and take care of these matters in advance. You’ll avoid a lot of difficulties and headaches on Christmas Day, which is the best gift you can give yourself!